I wonder what's going to be in 1.6?


… should have remembered that thread.

Bug fixes from Santa then. :slight_smile:

(Niccolò Terzi) #102

I repeat requests made by others:

  1. remote internet access
  2. discogs integration
  3. data accessibility (a performers screen, credits for single tracks not hidden)
  4. better boxsets (browse inside boxset, boxset CDs with their own title)
  5. better artists and albums artwork (forehead)

but the list could continue…

(Michel de Boer) #103

Just a simple one issue wish for now: QOBUZ

(Marcus) #104

I’d love to see a graphical genre hierarchy editor and I think many other people agree.


It can be done easily with a little tinkering:
I have my music on a syno nas, and the roon backups are stored in a shared folder on it too. I’ve made a tiny shell script that recursively zips the backup and stores it in a folder that’s synced offsite. I also added it as a cron job using Task Scheduler on the syno to make it run twice a week.
The same can easily be done with a batch file if you’re running windows :wink:


Roon Mobile with Tidal integration and ability to sync tags, playlists and bookmarks between mobile and desktop versions, the app would also access, index and play files stored on the devices for offline playback.


AND boolean logic addition to tags


Album art to be assigned to exported files under the name FRONT COVER instead of ALBUM ART 1 (where did that obscure title come from?) - at the moment, almost no portable app will show cover art of exported files from Roon.

(Jodok Pedersen) #109

I’d love a bit more visualisation for the audio. Spectrogram, level meters, higher resolution audio wave and so on.

(Dan Herrmann) #110

I’m really, really happy with Roon as-is.

Some ideas:

  1. Allow using an iPad vertically.
  2. I’d love to see the bitrate of an internet radio station displayed.

That’s it for me…


Roon Mobile, mobile Roon.

(JohnV) #112

I see Dan that you have opted for the “kiss-up” approach. Good luck with that. :smile:

BTW, my iPad uses a Roon vertical orientation. (12X 9)


I am very modest on my wish list:

1 - Fix the Portrait issue on the new 3rd generation iPad Pro 12.9”

2 - Integration with Qobuz


Worthwhile pointing out the most important paragraph from the 1.5 release announcement:

A few significant projects are also under way that you won’t see in this release. Architectural work that will support a future mobile-capable version of Roon is in progress, as is work on the machine learning systems that will drive Radio and a new recommendation engine. There is a major iteration of our metadata services underway which seeks to make “equivalence issues” a thing of the past along with changes that polish up some of the other rough edges in our metadata offering. While you’ll see a bit more of the new user interface design in this release, just as in 1.4, the most important screens are still to come

This was back in May this year.

(Stefan) #115

I would love to see bug fixes first before new features get added,

My most visible is (despite (at)brain once said this shouldn’t happen) if I modify an embedded tag such as genre, roon not only re-scans the album but also forces a re-analzye for simply nothing. This is pretty annoying if mass-correcting some thousand tracks.

Just re-mention it since by now 2 small updates passed by with next to nothing sensefull in them (for me), while this issue remained unsolved. As I once said … things such as Display is a nice one for 2-3 days playing with it … but if such bugs remain unadresses the best ever feature won’t compensate it.

(Andrea - Italy) #116

Definitely the Dirac integration would be the most welcome add on. For ROCK users with a direct connection to the DAC, like me, Dirac can’t be used at all today

Second Qobuz integration


(Mike O'Neill) #117

While I can see the wish list bit isn’t Room Correction a bit of xotic when there are so many more basic features begging. We are told Classical is a niche user base,isnt Dirac even more niche

I stand corrected

  1. Qobuz and HRA integration
  2. SACD ISO Playback
  3. Noticeable improvement within classical metadata and tagging.

Santa was really deaf on SACD iso playback. Maybe he gets it in this year.


Then why not just run windows and use Dirac with that. Or buy a dedicated dsp processor. Like Mike said, Dirac is a very niche function. There are a buzzillion options out there if you really want room correction, there are not many options out there if you want a first class music player. Roon was very promising to become one but development stuck completely in this area.

(simon_pepper) #120

My 5 things to make Roon more awesome

  1. Portrait view on iPads
  2. Ability to adjust playback device image for Squeezelite devices, under the Squeezebox emulation mode, for Sonore UPnP Bridge
  3. Ability to reference external folder of Artist images
  4. Further MQA support against a generic/selectable DAC profile
  5. Multiple Artist images for Playback displays, that cycle round

Qobuz integration in Roon?