I worry about complexity

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I have no idea how to rationalize this purchase to my friends and family.
[/quote]I don’t see any need to … Nobody’s been denied anything and it’s a great way to interact with your passion. Basta!

In general, I agree, but in any discussions with normal mortals about listening to music, this becomes a topic that is hard to explain. Certainly the price for what I perceive as a superior experience doesn’t cost anyone else anything, but clearly, this is not mainstream. That is really the only point I was responding to.

Definitely not mainstream, we are a special needs bunch :smile:

Agree. We are not normal, by any stretch. :wink:

it cant be any harder to explain than people who spend hundreds/thousands of dollars on expensive clothing accessories that they use once or twice.

or handbags, expensive shoes etc.

Or our local golf course which charges £235 for one round of golf…

But you’re guaranteed a hole in one, right … ?

Only if you pay the extra £80, plus gratuity, for a caddie. The good thing for us local peasants is that the course closes for the winter, leaving us free to wander over it.

btw, that amazon cloud drive is $5 (I guess it’s a Thanksgiving sale?) for a year of unlimited storage.