I would have preferred less hype

Sure would have been nice to know when the release would happen, i.e., a time window not just a day.


You’ll just drive yourself nuts. This will be a blip on your lifetime calendar. Why sweat it?

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Totally agree…!

Unfortunately its down to apple.
Apple pushes app updates on a “eh, we’ll get round to it when we feel like it” sort of basis.

Roon can’t update the core until apple pushes the IOS update or people will lose their remote access.

Given that some of the ancillary services (like this forum and the update servers) seem to be straining under load, I’d guess at least some of the folks at Roon lament all the hype as well.

Having launched dozens of commercial software products, I learned a long time ago that pre-launch hype is usually less useful than the launch team thinks it will be, once you count the unintended consequences anyway. :slight_smile:

Seems like Roon did not intend to cause the hype. More experienced marketers might have said “no one will ever state a date or even a week”. And had a single outlet with an embargo. But they don’t seem like the kind of organization that has that level of discipline, and I’m not blaming them for that.

We (this community) created much of the hype. They said “it’s coming” and someone spilled the beans on the date to the press assuming they would keep it quiet, but the press don’t play that game.

I wouldn’t be “sweating” if they do it like Apple does and start at a defined time. It’s a fair point. Roon tells everyone Feb 9 but probably could have said when on Feb 9. Those of us that aren’t the sweating type wouldn’t care. Those of us who are the sweating type could sweat a little less.

That’s my preference. My sweat glands unfortunately have a mind of their own.


I’m going back to bed. Someone send up a flare when it’s safe to wake up.


For some guys. It will be the 10. February

Good morning AUCKLAND

Roon is waiting for Apple, Google and Amazon to offer their updates. Once that happens, Roon will throw the switch on their end to push the server / core updates out.

I understand that Roon will push the core on their timetable, not Apple’s. They have instructed us to hold off updating core until the remote software is available from Apple. You can still run the new version from a pc.

Did I get that wrong?

1.8 Up and running!!!

Amen, bro…