I would like the results of an artist search to list albums

I appreciate the Roon philosophy but would like the results of an artist search to list albums I own on my hard drive ahead of other titles for example. Tonight I am trying to play the artist Wilco and the album is called ‘The Wilco Book CD’ which I own but it will simply not show up.

My fix for now is to just quit out of Roon and drop back to my Auralic software which looks only at my hard drive storage.

Hope this might help?

What do you see when you enter The Wilco Book CD into Search ? There is a switch on the top right to limit Search to results from your own library.

Stuff you own becomes part of the Search Index. Typically as you start typing words in the search box the Search Index will start to suggest ‘hits’ in it’s search index. If I type ‘yank’, the top selection just below the search text box is “Yankee Hotel Foxtrot”.
The observation that it just doesn’t show up at all makes me think that particular CD was not properly identified by Roon (which is a problem of it’s own).
Have you checked your Skipped Files under Settings>Library? I don’t know if this is your problem with that album, but there’s information about those issues here.

I actually see NONE of my music! Ok, I feel like a fool, maybe. On Roon on my PC where it is running it says my music library path is unavailable? The music is stored on an SSD in the main computer F: I deleted the path and re-pointed Roon at the folder and it re-scanned.

Now it is working as I believe it should. All albums are showing. Not sure how/why the installation lost track of my music folder?

Sorry for any trouble and thx for help.

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This depends on your OS. Windows often doesn’t realize that mapped drives are actually available and I have to go into Windows explorer and click on a mapped drive to open it. Once done, Roon then makes them available again. You usually don’t have to delete the storage locations in Roon to get them back.

This is a great forum, people are quick and great with solutions thx!

I am currently reading the Roon Rock FAQ and think quite likely I will
build up a NUC for this in near future.



This most happens to me when I start ripping to the music folder on my Nucleus. Windows often “forgets” the shared folder and I have to open Explorer and select the shared folder to get Windows to remember it should be accessible.

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