I would like to be able to alternate Views

A simple list without the art to make scrolling faster. Also the ability to jump to an artist by simply clicking the alphabet.

You can just start typing the artist name when in the artist list right now. Faster than scrolling.

Just don’t use the “space bar” it won’t work, it pauses the music.

Don’t use the SPACE bar. It pauses the music

Yeah but if you are not certain who or what you want to hear genre and artist and album in a alphabetical tree arrangement is a lot quicker for finding something of interest. I think all of sometimes want to hear something in jazz or classical etc but simply don’t know who. It the same alternate way of access that is offered in JRiver Music Center.

Yes, that’s what I used to do with J River as well. Now I spend so much time mining the wealth of information in roon that I have all kinds of stuff I want to listen to.

I wouldn’t mind seeing a play random album in genre option with a skip to next album option if I would prefer something else. Roon please surprise me with an album kind of thing. :smile: Random tracks in a genre isn’t something I’m very interested in, random tracks (radio) related to an arist sure.

  • 1 for Random Play by Album

Pretty much only useful if you happen to be in front of a keyboard