I would like to do a trial of Roon using my wired PC as core and my iPad as controller into a Naim 272. But what is the endpoint?

I plan to start a Roon trial using my ASUS laptop as Core, plugged into my Router or one of my Cisco switches.

I would probably buy a Sonore SGC upnp Bridge box to run as an endpoint permanently if the trial is a success.

But what would the endpoint be in a trial?

Can it be my laptop?

I have no NAS, no digital library (except a couple of test files bought on Qobuz) - all I want to do is see whether I get better SQ streaming Tidal and Qobuz via Roon.

But without a Roon bridge such as the Sonore one I mention above, will I even get Roon RAAT sent to my Naim 272 streamer/DAC/preamp?

And will I be able to play with Roon DSP functions such as room correction, convolution, etc?

Laptop spec is Intel i3-32172 CPU @1.8GHz

4GB of installed RAM - of which 3.9 GB is usable according to the laptop’s Settings info (!)

and it has a 64 bit operating system and x64 based processor

Maybe this link will be helpful for giving you some further clarification:

You need the UPnP bridge. Then your 272 becomes, in effect, a Roon endpoint, except that it is using UPnP instead of Roon RAAT as a transport.
You will still get the full range of functions from Roon, including the DSP stuff.
Does your laptop have SSD or HDD? The only issue I can see is that Roon really needs to run on an SSD. Other than that, just get the Sonore UPnP Bridge and you’re good to go.
For trial purposes, the laptop can be the endpoint as long as you have some way of playing from it. The only way it would connect to the 272 without the Bridge would be with an analogue connection, but that isn’t going to sound great.

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Hi ChrisSU
thanks for this - but the Sonore UPnP Bridge costs US$229.00.
Plus I have wait for it to be delivered from the U.S. - while the end of my Qobuz trial dribbles away.
And as it’s not sold in the UK I cannot return it for a refund AFAIK.
So if the trial doesn’t work I’m stuck with a box I probably cannot use, and may struggle to sell.
Plus various threads here and on the Naim forum say that it skips with Tidal and NAS files with a 272 or NDS - e.g. this thread - https://community.naimaudio.com/t/sonore-upnp-bridge-for-roon-on-nds-help/1578

Also, my laptop is about 4 years old and often struggles to run large programs, and only has an HDD not a SSD. I didn’t rtealise it needed a SSD to run Roon.


The plain answer is no. You need a Roon Bridge or Roon Ready device to do this. the 272 supports UPnP only and Roon does not use UPnP to stream music it uses its own protocol.

Your options are to use a UPnP bridge from sonore or hack together a solution using the free UPnP bridge software that comes from Logitech media centre. Ifi audio have created a version of it that’s easier to set up and runs on windows. Or you need Roon bridge software on a pc that is connected to a DAC, this can Mac, windows , Linux or a small Raspberry Pi SBC. Or you use a streamer or DAC that supports Roons protocol. As the 272 does not have a usb in the first solution is your only one.

You can run the core on a laptop as long as it meets the requirements, Roon is a full server product so is more taxing on a pc than some software, SSD is a must for speedy library and if you want DSP then you need minimum of an i3 , also don’t have it on WiFi if you want a good and trouble free experience.

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You can use the iFi Windows UPnP bridge which is software on a Windows machine. It may not be simple to make it work but it should be something to try in the shorter term.

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Thanks CG and Henry
I already have Bubble upnp Server software on my laptop.
I made it work on one occasion about a fortnight ago, but since then it hasn’t worked when I try to run it again and I haven’t had time to sort it out.

But I’m going to try to get a Roon or upnp solution of some sort working this weekend.

I do have an i3 chip in the Windows 10 laptop which is now wired to one of my Ciscos by ethernet cable, but the laptop RAM is almost maxed out - so perhaps Roon will not run snmoothly on it.

So maybe I should focus my efforts on getting some kind LMS to upnp or bubble upnp solution working to test Qobuz now while my Qobuz free trial is still running.