I would like to have a direct switch for DSP presets

The situation:
On the desktop, I use a DAC/preamp with headphone amplifier. For playback via loudspeakers, I have created a correction curve for the acoustic peculiarities on the desktop. But this curve is of course not needed for operation with headphones.

Since preamplifier and headphone amplifier are one and the same device, I always have to go to the DSP menu first when switching from loudspeakers to headphones (and vice versa) in order to switch the preset for the desired type of playback on or off.

It would be useful if there were a DSP icon in the footer next to the icons for volume and output device to be able to switch presets on/off directly, or to be able to select (e.g. via context menu) from a list of available presets without having to diversions via the volume menu to the DSP menu and back every time.

Furthermore, this additional DSP symbol could show the current DSP status. This is otherwise not directly visible.

Thanks for your great work!