Ian Curtis is not Catie Curtis

On the biography page of Ian Curtis (Joy Division) his name is linked to American artist Catie Curtis. This is… not correct.

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Hello @Arlen

My apologies for the delay response and thank you for bringing this to our attention. Some of these equivalence issues are difficult to sort out when artists share similar names. I’ll investigate this more and see what we can do here. As is often the case with metadata issues we’re unable to offer any kind of time for when metadata providers may address these corrections.

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hi, just a question : for issues like these - incorrect db links - is this not a matter of simply reporting to the metadata provider that this link is bad and to put it on a ‘to be fixed’ list? i understand if this is a provider db issue roon cannot give any kind of precise timeframe for the link to be fixed, but is the process not pretty simple and straightforward ? honestly just curious about the process here. thx

Thanks Jamie, I submitted a correction at Allmusic.

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Much appreciated @Arlen! :v:

Hello @dtich,

I’d be happy to try to clarify this a bit more, if possible. Unfortunately, the process isn’t always simple: detecting the exact source of the incorrect metadata can be very complex. What may appear, to a subscriber, to be the origin of the error may not actually be the origin. Instead, it can be instance of incorrect metadata being reflected in more than one source. To make things even more complicated, it may not even be the particular source being used in our metadata database.

Additionally, I’m sure you can empathize that attempting to make metadata corrections on an individual case by case basis as they’re reported is less than ideal and exceedingly time consuming.

Our desired approach is to aggregate similar metadata display issues, where possible, to see if a system-wide fix can be implemented to correct multiple instances of said behavior where they occur in our database.

I hope this helps to shine some light on the process a bit and doesn’t just make me sound like a robot talking about metadata :robot:


thanks jamie, makes perfect sense. thanks for replying.

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Hi Jamie, after all these months I wondered: would Ian Curtis still be Catie Curtis? AllMusic hasn’t responded to my correction, and they apparently are still the same person :wink: .

Hey @Arlen

We’ve reached out to Rovi/AMG to let them know that the error persists. It’s hard to say how quickly they’ll correct it but they generally respond to our issue reports fairly quickly. Thanks!

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This is now fixed.