Icon on browser album art for Vinyl Rip

As we all, I assume, build up our collections of our vinyl rips it would be very useful to be able to easily visually identify these rips and to be able to differentiate these from CD Rips.

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Add a tag to it called ‘Vinyl’.

How are you tagging your vinyl rips to begin with? Is there a “standard” ID3 tag used to indicate the file is a vinyl rip?

Any text you add in these brackets as part of the folder name will appear on the album cover in browser view [Vinyl] .

I’ve used text 2496v added to the Artist and Album name for many years but not within square brackets ( I think my way of doing this precedes the use of SB)

I was looking for something more visual rather like the Live red dot

I also added “Vinyl Rip” to the album tag to distinguish it, but I’d be happy if the Vinyl icon was installed.

This request links in to others that have been made, including by me, to have Roon record the source of an album. The source or lineage of an album in Roon is important.

Source is of course different to sample rate/bitrate. Examples of source would include CD, web (i.e. web release, not meaning downloaded from the web), vinyl, cassette, reel, etc. Yes you can add it via a tag, or even type it under the album version metadata, but a dedicated metadata field for source would be a superior solution. I currently add it under album version, though this field often becomes somewhat long due to the other version information entered there. This thread touches upon similar themes:

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