Icon to show ownership of physical media

OK…another feature request, and I think it’s a good one (yes I know I’m biased).

Roon currently has the option to show small icons in the corners of the album cover to denote quality, and whether it is a compilation (two-person icon) or live album (red dot).

I would like Roon to be able to add an extra icon, to denote ownership of the physical media for a particular album. In these days where much of our music is bought online, it would be nice to have a visible reminder denoting albums which the user owns physically - i.e. on their shelf, in the attic, or elsewhere.

As always, this would be an option that the user could toggle on or off in the settings menu.

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You could probably pull that off with a tag. You could come up with your own elaborate taxonomy denoting format-owned etc. in a way that would be searchable in a way that a small icon wouldn’t be.

Thanks Jared. I know that I can use tags, but what I’m looking for is a small icon, so that when I’m browsing my whole collection, I can see which items I own (without having to search by tag).

Ah… Here’s what I did: I annotate the album title with the physical media in parenthesis, as well as version information in brackets.

For example: My copy of Steven Wilson’s re-mastered/re-mixed version of Yes - Close To The Edge on Blu-ray has an album title that look like:

Close To The Edge [2015 Steven Wilson] (BD)

In Roon, you see the album title thumbnail with title as “Close To The Edge” and 2015 Steven Wilson, BD underneath. In the grid view, you will see the above super-imposed in the corner of the thumbnail image.

Try it: annotate one album that is your recently added list and see what it looks like - I love the way it’s presented.

And, of course, it’s easy to search for collections by using a common format for media. Here’s my taxonomy:

Mastering or Bonus Tracks Album Post-fix

[20XX Engineer] | [20XX Remastered] | [Bonus Tracks] | [Bonus Videos] | [Deluxe Edition] | [Flat Transfer] | [Live]

Physical Format Album Post-fix and Comments

Blu-Ray, Pure Audio
Blu-Ray, Surround

Blu-spec CD 2

DVD DualDisc
DVD Video
DVD Video, Surround

DVD-Audio, Surround

(SACD), (Living Stereo)
SACD, Hybrid
SACD, Hybrid, Surround
SACD, Surround


… the acronyms below the () items I add to the Comments tag, so I can recall what I have that has surround and/or DSD tracks for playback on my home theater system.


Wow…that sounds pretty comprehensive Ken. I know what you mean - I use the “version” feature to further define my albums, though don’t use it to add a note of ownership of physical media. I will have a think about your method, though would still like a simple “tick box” option in the album edit where the user can select that they own the album - which in turn displays a simple icon on top of the album cover, in one of the corners like the format icon or compilation icon.

I use version to denote source of music, either physical or download. If there is existing Version information, I append (manually) the source information.

Rather than have a specific icon with a specified function, I’d suggest having a few icons that can be linked to user-defined tags. Other people may want an icon or two to show something else, letting the user associate an icon to a tag could cover more cases.

Tidal albums already have an icon. So, anything that doesn’t show a dotted T on the browser is there “owned” in that they are stored locally.

Am I missing something ?

If and when other streaming services come they would probably carry an appropriate icon.

Nick - I am talking about physical media (i.e. CDs, LPs, etc) - not items stored locally on Roon.

I would assume the majority of Roon users digitize their collection, rendering the physical copy useless. I’m much more concerned with the quality of the ripped/purchased file, which Roon already provides. I’m not sure I understand the usefulness of knowing the physical source, to the majority of users, given the limited real estate you are looking to populate.

I could be wrong. I would love to hear more about why this is useful. Perhaps I’m missing something.

I’m leaning towards @andybob’s suggestion, if anything, to appease a larger audience.

A much better suggestion, albeit I’d deem any work in this area as very low priority at present

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I don’t assume that. Roon users aren’t iTunes users and we can expect a more OCD approach to curating libraries.

For me, I like browsing via Roon and knowing if what I want to listen to has a higher quality equivalent on physical media. For example, SACD (I have a large collection) and/or optical plastic with multi-channel audio (I have a large collection of these, as well) when I am in front of my surround system.

Now, if Roon would support multi-channel playback, well… :smile:


Same here. This is why I want to be sure that the edits I make stay. For the last few days it seems the edits stuck… fingers crossed :grinning:


Even if the physical copy was rendered useless, it would be a nice way to remind the user that the item exists or existed in their physical collection!

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I like the idea of some kind of icon to show you own the physical media. I currently use tags and it works fine. As my CD/SACD player is far superior to my CA setup I prefer to play a disc when I have it. I can’t always remember which discs I own or have downloaded so tagging the albums is useful.
Added bonus is in case the house burns down and I can provide a list of what I own to the insurance company :smile:


Thank you all for the enlightenment. I hadn’t thought of those use-cases.