Icons missing on Artist Bio Page

Roon Core Machine

I am using an Imac 3.8 8 core with 40 GB of Ram .

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WIFI not using VPN

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Very small library.

Description of Issue

I am a newbie and so far love Roon . I have Icons missing on the right hand side when I look at the full Bio page in “Overview”. I dont see any on the right hand side at all. So for example there should be a full list under “mentioned in this review” but I dont see any. I assume its a setting that I havent checked but I cant see which one it is.
Here are 2 photos. 1 is of a tutorial showing how it should look. 2. Is my Roon .
Any advice please ?

In your second screenshot, the Wikipedia source for the artist bio is visible, indicating a current version of Roon. I can’t see it in the first screenshot - is this an older screenshot, or from an older Roon version?

Asking because I am pretty sure that the “mentioned in this review” icons sadly disappeared when recently the new additional content sources like Wikipedia were added, as I reported here:

Sadly without a comment from Roon as far as I can tell. I hope this is temporary and they will come back

Thanks so much for the quick reply, I really appreciate it.
My version of Roon (Dark theme screenshot ) is current , literally downloaded yesterday.
The first screenshot is taken from Roon Labs Youtube tutorial “Getting Started with Roon” . It is dated 5 months ago .

So it does appear that the new version has lost access to the icons. It does seem to be exactly what you reported .

I hope Roon will be able to confirm .

Thanks, yes, the new sources feature was added a few weeks ago. Looks like the suspected issue. I like the new sources but I also miss the artists icons :frowning:

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