ICYMI: So Feb 14th is the date Qobuz goes live in the USA

I speculate that is true. When I used Soundiiz to sync my TIDAL library of 3000+ albums to my Qobuz US account, there was approx an 80% match. Not bad IMO.

I had similar results. As expected, most of the missing stuff was from indie/small labels. Still, there were some odd exclusions from higher profile artists who do have most of their stuff on Qobuz (the aforementioned NIN and Joni Mitchell, as well as Radiohead & Beck amongst others) but are missing the full collections that are readily available on Tidal/Google Play/Spotify/etc.

Trialing the studio masters so far I’m liking it. Have noticed that not all Led Zeppelin studio catalog high res are in Roon but are in the Qobuz iOS app. Don’t really care for the propriety MQA and having to buy compatible hardware for a closed system a big turnoff was a former meridian owner now DCS owner not happy with how bob Stuart left his customers in the lurch. Open source high res flac is good for me.

I will try it. My interests.

  • sound quality on the HiRez (some sites have said mqa was close but more organic, q more detailed but they slight preference for mqa)

  • needs an off line iPhone app for airplanes

  • catalog - mostly major label rock and I am especially interested in the new and reissue titles reviewed in the magazines - fun to read and listen.

  • price

Tidal has been fine.

I just cancelled my Qobuz beta trail. Qobuz is OK but not enough for me to switch. I need Qobuz to offer the college discount. I would love to use both Tidal and Qobuz but I don’t see enough of a benefit at the moment for that.