I'd like for Roon to choose albums randomly

It won’t play shuffled entire albums though. That’s why you need the extension.

It’s one of the main things I miss from my LMS days.


Ah, OK.

Never conceived of shuffling or randomizing based on entire albums.

Thanks for the clarification.

It plays in the album tracks in order. But then randomly picks another album and plays that, etc…


I’d like to add to this, I made a post about it just now but realised there’s already one here.

I’d like roon radio to pick a similar album to listen to after playing a full album. I see the randomizer extension below but what I’d really like to see is an album chosen from the same artist, label or similar genre like how the discover feature groups things.

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+1 for this feature… unless its in Roon now and i can’t find it?

You’re kidding me. I must be missing something. I just paid $120 for a product that can’t shuffle by album? :exploding_head:


+1 as it is a feature that I miss from Itunes

I’ve not found this feature in Roon, but it has quite a few other features that I find handy when I’m looking for something to play.

Focus On Similar
…from any album view this usually returns a hundred or so other albums as a jumping off point

…most albums in my library have fairly extensive credits in Roon. If I like how something sounds, I’ll click on the names next to “Engineer”, “Mixing”, or “Mastering” under “Production” to find other albums in my collection that they worked on. If I like the music, I’ll explore links under “Composers and Performers”

…from the Albums tab of Library, “Focus” is great for finding great albums that have been out of rotation for a while. I’ll add the “Played in the lat Year” tag and then click to negate it to find albums I’ve not played in the last year. The star rating can filter these down to those with 4+ stars. Lots of other options to explore dusty corners of the library.

New Releases for You
…from the Overview tab of Browse, this is how I’ve found most of the albums that I’ve added to my library over the last six months. I don’t love everything here, but I’m consistently finding great new matches when I explore this area.

…Focus searches can be saved as bookmarks. I have a bookmark called “Well Mastered Albums” that filters on Production credits for names of some of my favorite mastering engineers. If I want to pick one of these albums that I’ve not played in a while, I can use Focus to add the “Played in the last 6 months” tag and click to negate it. For example:

I’m sure I can think of more. I’m not saying that I don’t think an album shuffle feature would be useful, but one of the things I like best about Roon is its features to help me discover new music and rediscover what’s already in my library.


Thanks! Your explanation of the focus features is really helpful.

I guess it’s a measure of how different everyone’s individual use case is, but it’s mindblowing to me that the only shuffle/random play modes in the software just throw random songs at you one after another rather than putting on whole albums. Previously when I used mpd as my library, it would just choose 40 new random albums each morning and play through them unless I skipped one – perfect for my use.


+1 on shuffle by whole album. I enjoy listening to whole albums at once.


I would also love this feature. I am new to Roon and the details posted above about ways to use Focus etc. was an eye opener.


This yes this. DO THIS NOW! </silly accent>


This is still a must-have feature


I was curious if this ever got implemented. I would love to have a “shuffle by albums” feature as well!


If interested, please vote for this Feature request by hitting the “Vote” button at the top:

The Random Radio extension is a solid workaround for albums in your library but one’s system must be compatible and it is unclear for how long such workaround would remain possible.

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You can jump to the top (and as such see the voting button) if you click on the votes counter link (this one stays with the title when scrolling).

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When shuffling a play list, Roon plays all the tracks from each album.
Please could we have the option to shuffle tracks or albums.

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Join the VERY long list of members who have requested this oh so simple but highly desired option.

But apparently it has always fallen on deaf ears around here.

I really like the Roon experience and have had practically zero problems but this little feature ( or lack thereof) truly infuriates me no end.

I mean even Discogs can manage this task!!

Good luck but don’t hold your breath…


I’ve moved this to #roon:feature-requests but mods might joint it to similar requests

Thanks. I’m glad it’s not just me.

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