I'd like to hide the little "number of discs" thing in the corner of my sleeve art?

It’s not a huge big deal, but I think it looks kinda ugly with those little numbers all over my lovingly created sleeve art. It’s my record collection, after all, so I know how many discs each release has (or at the very least I don’t need that info front & centre). It seems that virtually every other option can be switched on & off, why not add this to the list? :slight_smile:

Look in settings, you may find what you need there

I have looked. Many times. I’d expect it to be under “customise album display” but I’ve looked everywhere else, too.

Do you know it’s there & I’m just not looking right, or are you making a general suggestion? :slight_smile:


Below are the icon / information options that can be switched on the main album browser… disk count is not listed but on my system at least it not displayed on the album browser page.

I suspect I’m misinterpreting your comments, could you post a screenshot of where you are seeing this icon overlayed on top of album art.

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Top right corner. That annoying little peel pack thing. :rofl:

Mind you, if you have all that other stuff all over your cover art, I’m not surprised you aren’t bothered by it! :smiley:

I switched all the options on to see what’s there now…

That said it doesn’t worry me too much, when I want to see the album cover in its finest I tap on it from the album details page. (Though for me I wish that pop up image was zoomable).

I see what you mean though now, I think I’m so used to seeing the folded album corner my mind just blanks it out (a bit like a DOG on certain TV channels).

I agree it would be nice if Roon also made this artefact optional as well.


I must be getting old as I had never even noticed it before!
But yep it’s there so shows how much it bothers myself :rofl:.

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