ID41 card / 861v8 loses "lock" to Roon

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I’ve no idea what firmware the ID40 holds
[/quote]Hi, just point a Web browser at the ID40’s IP address, to view its status page.

Rolski, you can post it to me in Stuttgart if you want and I’ll swap it out in my v8 so it gets updated.

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From one HHer to another, thanks very much for the extremely kind offer !
If my dealer / dealers (!) don’t come up with a more convenient solution then I will be in touch. :clap:

Four “disconnects” last night & five before midday this morning - not good.
There seems to be a lot of comments regarding endpoint disconnections, and I’m not sure whether they can be pinned down to post-v29 updates, but I am very curious as to why (and how) Roon can force an uncommanded change to my 861v8 selected input - that’s a definite problem & not acceptable.

If you’re running the firmware you reported on HH, it predates Roon even existing. Therefore I don’t think it’s fair to blame your problems on Roon. Update your firmware then complain if it is still flakey.

For the record, I run two ID41s in my house, and neither is ever dropping the connection. (They did in early Roon releases, but not any more.)

Hi Ludwig,
While I mainly agree with you in principle… :wink:

  1. If the “old” firmware existed pre-Roon, then it was the de-facto default while Roon was being developed, and it would have been the firmware used when versions previous to v29 were being tested. I would therefore hope that it worked “out of the box”.
    An update - of Roon - would hopefully address any problems (if reported / found) and should not worsen them.
    If there are specific fixes in the new ID41 firmware, or in Roon v??, to address connectivity / stability, then both Meridian & Roon are deafening us with their silence. In fact, I have feedback from Meridian - through a respected UK dealer - that there are no connectivity-related updates in the new ID41 firmware. Curiouser & curiouser…
  2. The differences between your network at home & mine may be many-fold, however one fundamental difference is clearly the ID41 firmware update - that is most definitely a variable. However, there may be other differences…there surely are other differences… My network appears to be rock-solid for everything else, so why is the ID41 the only thing falling-over ?
    Whoops. And there it goes. It’s played 1.5 tracks - less than 10 minutes - and it’s “gone” again.

I am trying to find a convenient way to update my card, and if that fails, I will take up your exceptionally kind offer of a “remote reflash” ! :smiley:

@danny @brian - any comments on Meridian ID41 connectivity / firmware / Roon versions ?

We’ve reported and Meridian has fixed issues with their firmware. Roon is a very different beast to Sooloos, mostly due to the environment in which it runs. Your Mac/PC is not the “pristine” situation that a hard-wired Sooloos box is… Sooloos always did badly with WiFi or networks that were not absolutely perfect.

It is advisable to upgrade.

@danny Do you know if that fix is with the current release or a future release?



I dont… I know MS200’s build 163 went out with Sooloos 462 – but unsure what this exactly translates for you guys… I manually update my MS200s, as I don’t have a Sooloos system, so unsure how any of those numbers translate for you guys.

I’m unsure if manual updating is a public thing… I’m not in a position expose that. It’d be best to talk to Meridian about how to get updates if you lack Sooloos.

I just fired off a message to M tech support about updating M endpoints without a Sooloos core – manually or otherwise. Will report back when I get a response.

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The more they receive the question the better I think :smile:

Sooner or later M will probably realize it’s less time consuming to just release a stand-alone updater than to answer the same question 10 times a week…

Or should we invite @danny for a night of extensive bar-hopping – maybe he’ll get a little loose-lipped about the whole manual updating thing? :wink:


Carl, thanks very much for the advice above. And just to second RBM’s suggestion, I’m actually running ID40 version 1.3, Build 128. Somewhat behind the times, methinks…



At the very least it is a nice excuse for a drink in NYC.

@Mr_Meridian Hi George, are you up to date with Sooloos? If so then the ID40 should also be up to date?



hahahah… NYC or Paris, anytime – just let me know. :smile:

@rolski Your problem is similar to one I’ve never got to the bottom of with my MS200. The Sooloos side of things never missed a beat, but Roon kept losing the MS200. I cured it by taking offline a hard-wired Airport Express that was acting as a Roaming Network, extending the AirPort Extreme that acts as my Router. Once I had only the AirPort Extreme running wifi, everything was fine. I still don’t know why.

@Ratbert Hi Russ, I don’t have any other Sooloos kit, just the ID40, so there’s no pre-existing update route.

I’m heading a bit off topic with this now, so will take it over to HH’s!



I posted this update about 2 weeks ago. The situation hasn’t changed since then:

Firmware version 163 (the latest public release) does contain connectivity related fixes–they fixed a crash in the endpoint firmware. They sent it to me shortly prior to releasing it to confirm that a particular issue was fixed (it was).

I very much recommend running the latest firmware–it does make a difference.

We have spent a lot of time running down issues with Meridian streaming (even if it doesn’t seem that way, because a lot of it has happened offline in collaboration with our alpha testers, most of which are Meridian users, and not in public on this forum). Everything that we have been able to reproduce in-house has been either fixed on our end, or reported in detail to Meridian so they can address issues on their side.

One last thing: Build 29 of Roon contained no changes directly pertaining to Meridian streaming. Any behavior change that coincided with that build is likely to be environmental, or performance related.

I hope this gets worked out soon.

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The answer from Meridian tech support is not encouraging:

*Thank you for getting in touch with Meridian.

Sorry, but the only way to receive firmware updates to your MS600 would be to connect it to a network that includes a Meridian ‘Core’ product.*

I followed up by asking if there are plans on the roadmap for allowing firmware updates without a Sooloos core – and if I can put in a formal request for doing so if there isn’t. We’ll see, I guess.

@RBM Sounds like the stock answer, obviously there is another way as mentioned.