ID41 disappeared

Well everything has been running smoothly…

However today the ID41 (861 V8) disappeared from Roon. other end points are still there and working.

I’ve done the usual rebooting all items then a full power down, but to no avail.

A little stumped now…any ideas would be appreciated.

Oh, almost forgot…I can access the ID41 through its browser interface. Also when I reconnect and turn on my Meridian MD600 the ID41 works as advertised through sooloos.

My system as follows

Roon Server Ver. 1.3 build 209 residing on

SonicTransporter i7 Ver 2.3

End Points…

Squeezbox Touch x2

Meridian MS200 2.1 Software 1.0 build 169

2010 Mac Pro Sierra through Meridian Explorer 2

Meridian ID41 (861V8) 2.1 Software 1.1 build 169


Can you try a card reset? IIRC it is hold the left arrow down on the front panel.

This probably means you have taken the ID41 away from Roon.

You need to re-activate it in Properties/Devices.

Ludwig…spot on!!!

Must admit though, thought I had checked that…I suppose if you look at something long enough you see what you want to see…

Thanks again


Anyone running a Sooloos core on the network has experienced what you experienced!