Idea for finding new music and integrating within Roon Library


I use Allmusic a lot to find new music to listen to and add to my library.

I like to browse the editor’s choices on a monthly basis and pick out albums I like the look of, then revert to tidal to add them to my collection and listen via Roon.

As much of the editorial and bio content for albums and artists comes from Allmusic already, why not have a section in Roon which gives us access to the editor’s choices within Roon itself and then provide links directly to add albums to our libraries from Tidal, if available?

It doesn’t need to be restricted to Allmusic, necessarily of course, just seems a logical starting point as clearly there’s a bias to Allmusic content within Roon.

It could form part of the Discover section; perhaps split the content into “Discover Your Collection” and “Discover New Music” or similar.

Food for thought.


That kind of further Tidal integration would be very nice. I would like to see a feature where I could randomly play my library or a selection there of and it gets automatically filled with new content from Tidal wich I can like or dislike to learn my music taste.

+1. Don’t care about Tidal, but would love to not have to go to to discover the latest releases and instead read this within the Roon app itself.

++1. It would also be useful to compare the albums of an artist in the library with full discography


My three month free trial for Tidal just ended and I feel like my Roon is partly paralyzed after I lost access to Tidal. I’m seriously considering switching from Spotify to Tidal, only because of Roon. It’s just sad that Tidal loses to Spotify in every other aspect except sound quality.

Anyway, one of my most used features of Roon + Tidal integration was that it seamlessly showed all music made by a certain artist. It integrated my own library with Tidal’s. So quite a common way of discovering new music went something like this:

  1. I re-discover an artist which I’ve almost forgotten by the great discover feature in Roon.
  2. I browse through the albums which I have in my own collection.
  3. I check the Tidal selection if there’s new music released by the artist.

Now 3. is what I miss most now. Why couldn’t this feature work through allmusic, since allmusic lists all the albums anyway? I could immediately discover new releases within the Roon app and wouldn’t need to open allmusic website. So after “Main albums” section (which are albums in my own library) there could be “All albums” or “Albums not in library” section which shows everything made by the artist.

Also, why isn’t there a direct link to allmusic artist profile on Roon artist page? There’s links to the bands own website, Wikipedia, Facebook and Twitter but no AllMusic, which is the base of all the information in Roon. If Roon would actually show all the information from AllMusic, I would understand this but now there’s much information I need to check from allmusic website anyway.

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