Idea for local Roon event (NL)

Today I visited a fellow ‘Rooner’, @Dick_Vliek.

Driving back home it reminded me that the second best thing (number one is listening to music) in our hobby is talking about it :wink:

So… maybe it would be fun to organize an event (or ‘meetup’ in these modern days ;-)) where we can talk about our hobby, show stuff and listen too music. And more…

Let me know. If enough people are interested then we might be on to something…

Best regards, Harry


Nice idea!

Maybe we could combine such a meetup with an audiophile event.

If anyone is interested I will be visiting the New Music High End Innovation show.

Another option is the Audio Show iEar’ 2017.

Great plan guys. Count me in.

Certainly interested.

Any Roonies visiting the New Music High End Innovation show next weekend?

Great idea. Having “user groups” or “owner groups” is a fantastic way of adding a social aspect to the hobby. Harley Davidson caught that one with their HOGs. Computing had the old “Homebrew” electronics clubs. Roon has something for everyone - from DIY tinkerers up to high end turnkey systems. So everything from a “homebrew” to an owners group.

I guess this is a RUG? :smiley:

Interested! I’d drive up there for sure, if I can fit it in my agenda. Where would we meet?

Interesting but a bit far.

Missed the iEar :frowning: could have made that… anyone went there?

Yeah, I did. Nice show. I even listened to the 60.000 euro Sennheiser. Yes you read it well 60k!
Sounded as wearing NO headphone at all. You were live in the room. Fantastic.
But hey… yes a Roon event would be nice. You can count me in as well.