Ideas: Jump 10 seconds forward or back/save a time marker

I ask me whether it is technically possible to implement a feature to jump 10 seconds back or forward during the play of a song as it is in some video streaming services (e. g. amazon video), so I can repeat a nice song part immediately. Also I miss the option to save a time marker as favorit to start the play of a song e. g. from the point 2:15 minutes, so I can remember a good point to play it to someone else or to continue it later there.

What do you think? Who also wish such options?

I moved this to #feedback:feature-suggestions so that people can vote for it. Make sure to vote as well!

If Roon ever does incorporate podcasts (and I :pray:t3: that they do) I think that the ability to skip 10/30 seconds back & forth would be most welcome. As it is i.e. solely with music playback, I wouldn’t really value this in all honesty, but maybe that’s just me.

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