Identical artists that refuse to merge

Windows 10 64 bit
Roon version 1.8 (build 790)
Huawei B535 router

All media stored on USB drives attached to the machine running Roon

I have a duplicate artist (Cream). One has a photo, the other doesn’t. Other than that they seem to have the same status in the system: both have the bio blurb and both are connected to the same albums. I have tried to merge them but nothing happens. I’ve tried selecting both as primary… makes no difference.

How do I make the duplicate go away?

Right click on one to select, then click on the other to select. Near the top right corner of Roon, you should see a button that says “Merge artists”. Click this, and a small window appears showing the two selections. Decide which selection you want to be the ‘artist’ and click it. Normally, the window closes, but if it doesn’t, just click on your choice a second time.

Err… I appreciate the response but the title of my post is ‘Identical artists that refuse to merge’ not ‘how do I merge identical artists’. Already tried many times.

Which screen are you using?

Does that mean they both appear in the my artists browser?

A possible reason is that on the screen used, one of the artists is not in your library. One way that (usually!) works whether artists are primary or not is to search for cream with the magnifying glass and before any selections tap the library icon. That ensures that all shown can be merged. Does that work? If not, then indeed something odd is happening.

In which case could you then provide any illustrative screenshots please?

I was just making sure you knew how it needed to be done. I Bet the vast majority of problems are because of user error.

Fair point and if I came across as being unnecessarily snappy I apologize. I just wanted to make sure that other potential posters didn’t think the issue had been addressed.

This is how Artists look in my Library with the two Creams:

If I select both and click ‘merge’ it gives me back the expected screen as follows:

I’ve tried selecting both as primary but neither worked.

If I search for the artist Cream using the magnify glass it returns only one artist.

So… I tried editing one of them and changed its name to ‘Cream with Eric Clapton’, saved it and when I came out of the edit I had only one artist. I then changed its name back to Cream and all seems well. But it had clearly got itself into a bit of a tangle and I have prior experience with this sort of issue presaging database problems so I am slightly nervous as in my experience there is no such thing as a minor Roon database issue.

Certainly looks like it. However, I shall remember your work round and add it to my bag of tricks.

Lets hope not; meanwhile backups, backups,…

Sometimes, it seems Roon is lost in The Twilight Zone. But then again, anything computer related does if you use it enough.

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