Identification By CUE Files

When loading my library, I see albums which are nowhere in my Tags. The album name in question however does appear in the CUE file attached to the album.(and the accurip and log files)

These albums have been split and are now a collection of tracks. The tags are set to the Album Name I want so I can safely delete the cues

Is my assumption true that the CUE is in use


No. Roon uses various methods to id the albums and when it matches it assigns the metadata from its metadata sources. Depending on how you’ve configured Roon it may also leverage metadata in file tags.

Roon, as far as I know, has never used CUE sheets, only embedded tags.

Hi Daniel

Thanks for that , I am slowly fixing stuff and seeing why …

A lot of albums come from big sets eg Brendel so don’t quite match originals

I have used Jairoz to correct a fair number then Roon likes em

I think a beginners guide to the initial load would save a lot of angst on the forum …