Identification hindered by too long a track title?

This album was not identified automatically and so I tried it manually, but:

Now my question is: could it be that the very long title coming from Roon’s database for track 8 makes its timing ‘disappear’ thereby making it impossible to match it with the track duration in the right column?
Or is the other way around?
This last supposition could be supported by the screenshot of the Allmusic album page where the duration of track 8 is absent (while there is enough space to show it):

I suppose no alarm bell goes off automatically whenever incomplete track duration data is retrieved from the TiVo database? Perhaps it would be a good idea to automatically send feedback to TiVo in such cases, giving them the opprtunity to correct matters.
In addition to that, a flag could be placed upon any album within the Roon database where info retrieved from the TiVo database is incomplete, so that in such cases where only one track duration is missing, the identification process could still be completed, if all other data do match up.

Hi @Hans_Valeton,

I’d like to have the team take a look at this more closely — Would you kindly zip this album folder and send it over to us here? Thanks!

Thanks for your reaction!
I’ve just uploaded the zipped album.

Thanks @Hans_Valeton — I’ve passed this along to the team for review.