Identification of new albums - time

With a Nucleus plus, what amount of time should I expect for the identification of approx 15000 albums take? Seems the data is trickling in very slow. Are there things within the settings that I can temporarily turn off to speed up the process?

You can increase the background audio analysis speed in Roon Settings > Library. Also see the knowledge base…

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Would that not divert resource away from album identification which I believe @Fritz_Curtis is describing?

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Hi @Fritz_Curtis,

Where are these 15,000 tracks stored?

Most optimal would be local to Nucleus (external USB drive or a second internal drive).
If the storage is network attached that will slow down the import esp. if WiFi is used.

Audio Analysis is very CPU and I/O intensive as it has to read the whole track to be able analysis the audio content, however, it is triggered post import / identification stage.

Identification on the other hand is reading the file system and metadata from the tracks, it then contacts Roon’s cloud servers to find the best match and download the extended metadata and cover art. The later is again affect by network performance both local and ISP.

Stored on 8tb internal ssd. Artwork just taking a long time.

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Someone from Roon must have seen this thread. 15k just finished in two minutes! 2k worth of songs took 5 hours previously to the post. Thanks guys

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I did ping them, but that could be just a coincidence.
Glad your up and running now.

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