Identification / Priority of Hi-Res from Qobuz

Integration of Qobuz and its hi-res library in Roon is the single biggest improvement in the sound quality of my system in years. It’s got me so, so happy. I’ll live with a lousy UI as long as I can shoot those 24 bits straight into my veins, so to speak.

I would like to see easier identification and better prioritization of hi-res (24 bit, 44+ Hz) material. First, I’d like Search to return hi-res results before MQA and Redbook files, even ones on the local hard drive.

Second, I appreciate that when using Roon on my Macbook in the office I can see the file type (e.g., 24/96) in the lower-right corner of album images that I’m browsing. But when I’m using my iPad as the control point in my listening room, the file types are not displayed and I have to drill into the album and open it up to see if it’s hi-res.

In other words, hi-res titles are better than sliced bread, and Roon could do more to help me find them. I’d like to be able to browse among those 40,000 albums without having to hunt them like needles in a haystack.

Thanks for giving this some consideration.

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As for your iPad: try setting ‘Show album format on browser’ to Yes in Roon Settings > General.

These preferences are set per remote.

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Thanks, Rene. Still would love to be able to browse only among hi-res titles, but this is a great help.

Much appreciated.

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hopefully someday Qobuz’ “Hi-Res icon” (when browsing by album) will show in Roon too, as it does in Lumin app ;-p

For browsing just hires you can use the Focus feature in albums. Choose format and then Qobuz and 24bit. Then save the bookmark. I even made one for 192k hires.

I also created a Tidal MQA bookmark so I could check each one to see if Qobuz had a hires format that didn’t get added with Soundliz.

The nice thing about the bookmarks is they work on iPhone too. Even though iPhone can’t create their own bookmarks yet and has no focus abilities.