Identify album - Blank window after manually selecting an unidentified album [Ticket In]

This is on both pc and ipad, with a QNAP core, build 814
After clicking on unidentified and manually selecting an album from the list after suggesting search terms, when trying to help Roon identify an album (eg Preston - Bach organ), I get a blank window with just two buttons at the bottom (None of these look right and Back), whereas previously I would get detailed track listings to match my tracks to.
I listed this in Metadata issues a month ago and have been advised that a move here will get a more timely response.
Many thanks

Hi @Mark_Bowell

Can you share some screenshots of what you’re seeing?

Does this happen for all albums, or just certain ones?

I click on “Unidentified”

Then “Identify album”, which gives no results so I enter search terms

and select the correct album (2nd row)

I get this blank screen whichever of the previous rows I choose.

I have the same problem with all my unidentified pieces, but they have in common that they are parts of an album, not the whole. If I click identify album on an album that Roon has automatically found, and reselect any album, I can get through to the tracks fine. If I choose that “successful” album as the answer to match the unidentified album as featured in the screenshots, I get the same blank screen without tracks.

Many thanks


Thanks for the screenshots @Mark_Bowell. I just tried to identify an album as the Simon Preston Bach: Organ Works example you provided and it worked okay for me.

There are a couple of possibilities here — Maybe your Core is having trouble reaching our servers to get this data, or maybe there’s a display issue on this remote.

Do you have a different remote that you can try as a test? Does the same issue occur?

Yes, I have tried using an ipad and pc as remote and for both the behaviour is identical with the same issue.

Thanks, @Mark_Bowell. Can you please use the directions found here and send us over a set of logs from the Core using a shared Dropbox link (or any other file sharing service)? We’ll take a look at what’s happening here.

I’ve created a logs zip folder but am hoping you can create somewhere for me to upload it as I don’t use dropbox or equivalent - I’ve sent you a message.
By the way, the problem isn’t uploading the track information - if I take an old album that Roon automatically identified and use edit - identify album then manually search on preston - bach organ, I can select the right album AND see the track information to match my tracks to. There is something about the matching with the unidentified albums that is creating the problem.

I responded to the PM. Thanks!

I still have the same problem on both pc and ipad with build 831.

Hey @Mark_Bowell,

We’re so sorry the issue has returned and that we only got the opportunity to reply to your post today…

I was wondering, when the issue returned now, are the symptoms identical? Different? Whatever you can share with us, we’d love to hear it :pray:

The issue never went away. Nothing has changed. The symptoms remain identical. I still have the same problem on pc remote build 831, ipad remote build 831, with build 850 running on the QNAP core.

Hi @Mark_Bowell ,

Thanks for letting us know that this issue is still ongoing. I wanted to touch base with some good news, we’ve been able to reproduce this issue on our end and we have submitted a ticket for the team to look into this further!

Great - thanks for the update. I look forward to the fix!

I still have the same problem on both pc and ipad with build 882.

Also with build 884.

I’m having the same problem with build 884 on my PC.

Hi @Mark_Bowell ,

We are still working on this issue, it is in the queue but work on this has not begun yet. I wish I could share a more specific timeline, but I cannot comment when it will be part of the development cycle. Thank you in advance for your patience.

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