Identify album in other languages

Core Machine (Operating system/System info/Roon build number)

Synology DS918 /1.7 build 571

Description Of Issue

Difficulty in identify album in Japanese and display track name in Japanese
I added this album from tidal. Since it displays track numbers in Latin, so I try to identify it again

Unsuccessful, there’s no album in Japanese

So I searched it by the japanese title by myself, but still fail

But in fact titles and track numbers in Japanese do exist in musicbrainz, but obviously the returned results of search is much less than musicbrainz can provide

Thanks for reaching out about this, @Isiah_Lau2. I’m going to check with the team on this and will follow up with you after we’ve discussed.

Looking forward your reply,thanks

Hi Dylan, is there any progress?

Sorry for the delay here, @Isiah_Lau2. The team has a ticket and is investigating this, I’ve requested an update from them but our internal tracker shows that the investigation is still ongoing. I’ll be sure to follow up soon.

Hi Dylan, is there any update?

@dylan is there any update?

Hey @Isiah_Lau1,

Thanks so much for keeping this thread alive. I’m sorry we never followed up with an update.

I’m checking with our technical team, and as soon as Dylan returns to work (he’s out of the office for another week), we’ll be happy to share more on this, based on what our team tells us :pray:

is there any update?


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