Identify Album - Manual Search

When you press “Unidentified” and Roon can’t find a match in it’s database, you get to a screen where you can enter Album and Artist to try and manually search for a match.

My experience is that a manual search has never produced a match where the auto search failed to do so. Anyone seen different ?

I’ve seen it work a few times; usually I’ve got bad meta in the pre-prompted album-title field, so revising that box has occasionally gotten a hit. Other than that, not much. Maybe ~3% success overall.

I might as well add that the album-art thumbs on this screen are so tiny – virtually useless; and since most of the listed album-choices aren’t even close, I’d like to use the thumbs as my primary visual scan when eyeballing the list. So, either bigger thumbs or click-to-enlarge thumbs would be nice.

Agree… A click to enlarge album cover would be helpful here.

I often find that stripping some extra text from the wrong album search does help bring other choices in to view.
E.g. (SACD), (delux edition) etc

+1 on enlarge cover.

Also I’d like to be able to see the cover and name of the original album I was looking for. Currently this is obliterated by the pop up box, and for those of us prone to “Senior moments” it’s sometimes hard to remember exactly what was being looked for some two pop up screens and a few minutes ago.

Not usually an issue for pop music but for classical music where multiple symphonies can be on the same disc it would save a lot of time.


For me the most annoying part is that it does not ignore added info between brackets, eg. [24-96]. During the normal process roon handles this, but once it cannot identify and you have to use manual search I always have to delete this, making it annoying.

I also had several occasions where no match was returned although the album exists in allmusic (I always check against allmusic). Maybe have the option to copy/paste the URL and force a detection in this way?

EDIT: also special characters cause issues, like Godspeed You! Black Emperor