"Identify Album" results not sticking

Firstly, that you for the 1.1 update. It includes some much appreciated functionality. However, one of the new features (show album format in browser) has highlighted an issue for me. When I turned this on, it showed all my albums as being CDs. However, I had previously used the “Identify Album” button to identify some of my albums as vinyl versions.

So as a test case, I went back to the album editor, selected one particular album (10cc - The Original Soundtrack) and tried again to identify it as the vinyl version. This is version 5 of 5 available editions in Roon. I selected version 5, pressed save then went back to the credits screen to check. Sure enough… nothing has changed. Credits screen still shows the default Mobile Fidelity Sound Lab CD version and not the Mercury vinyl version. I tried a few other albums… same thing. Other metadata (release dates, genres, country, etc) can be edited and saved, but not the version/format/label details

Am I doing something wrong, or are others experiencing this. I am using RoonServer on a mac-mini, controlled by an iMAC remote installation of Roon 1.1.


CD refers to the resolution quality of the file not the actual source. I think the devs felt that most people would understand “CD” quality instead of 16/44.1 being displayed.

OK. I would have thought “album format” would mean CD, vinyl, SACD, DSD etc rather than resolution. But I can live with that. I still have the issue that the album version and label found using “Identify Album” don’t seem to be saved.

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I’m sure it is saved at some level El in the database, just not shown to us. Which is fine by me because so far all of my high resolution downloads do not have a corresponding version. So I have to chose which gives me the closet Tra k match. In this case I’ve used the editable Version line to make my own source notations.