Identify artist?

Hi all,

Ive just started using Roon and im adding my collection step by step into the program.

And in some cases Roon gets the artist all wrong, it Chloe Agnew for example gets recognized as just “Chloe” and no artist info is shown. Is there some way to link this to the right artist like you do when you “identify album” that has gone wrong?

I’m moving this to the “Metadata Issues” category.

This sounds similar to my "Irving Berlin vs. Berlin" issue.

Maybe @joel can help.

So how do people usually do with artists that are not automatically found by Roon?

As a potentially new member to the Roon-club I must say I find the community really unengaged.

I can see why you’d say that, but it’s not a common observation.

If I have an artist who’s unidentified (which isn’t a common occurrence for me — Roon has surprised me by identifying artists I’d have thought were very obscure), I just make sure the embedded metadata is accurate and as complete as I’d like it to be.

My experience is that unidentified material is not really a problem in Roon, as long as the embedded metadata is serviceable.

I see.

I have a whole bunch of artists which lack picture and any type of informative text.
Does that mean that Roon hasnt identified the artist or is it just that there is no info on those artists?

I’m not sure I completely understand the distinction, but if Roon hasn’t identified an album (or you have chosen to “unidentify” the album because the metadata Roon is using is fubar), it will say “Unidentified” on the album page, just above the star rating.

Looking into it just now, I’m not completely sure that Roon has unidentified artists per se. So if an album is unidentified and it has good embedded metadata but exhibits the symptoms you describe, then we should probably tag @support, because it seems like something untoward is going on.

Well heres an example.

All the albums of this group are identified but then the group itself has no info or picture or anything.
And thats pretty common for alot of fairly known artists for me.

This is a common problem with “artist” pictures…I go to Google images and find the one I like …download it and then go Roon edit and copy and paste.

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Right. I don’t see this as a problem. It looks like the albums are identified, but Roon just doesn’t have a photo or a bio for the group, so @seaharp1’s solution is a good one.

Ok, I got you there, sounds reasonable.

This on the other hand I dont know how to get right.
I add an album called “Dark Science E.P.” by the group “Tilt” ( But Roon identifies it as another group also Called “Tilt”. How can I change that?

Hi @Fredrik_Bergenmalm. This is a problem caused by our failure to spot that TIDAL has mixed up a whole load of different artists called “Tilt”. I’ve made an edit to fix this which will take up to a week to be pulled into your library.

FYI, the following thread is a good place to post such issues:

Thanks for reporting it!

I see.
Thanks for the guidance.