Identify box set

Can someone explain,why identify feature doesn’t recognize disk numbers from the files? I ripped one Bach box set and did’t expect the boxed set to be identified automatically, but after manual identify process I was in the total mess. Cover art was ok,but everything else was … This concludes my journey with this software.

Hi @Mika_Perttula,

Sorry for the trouble here! We have some best practices for Box Sets here in our Help Center. I definitely recommend taking a look and making sure that your file structure matches our recommendations here.

If you’re still having issues please share some screenshots of what you’re seeing and we’ll be happy to help!

Box sets often require cossetting when importing into Roon. And that’s usually because the metadata supplied by the record labels to Roon is frequently of very poor quality. Most of us rely on something like dBpoweramp and manual inspection to clean up the mess before turning the rips over to Roon to have a look at.

I might have missed this required directory structure. Still I wonder why the track and media numbering is not enough? Album title was also ok.