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In my first week with Roon. I have been reading about this topic in the help section, but continue to struggle with ripping double CDs into my Nucleus (last one was “Brad Mehldau, Live in Marciac”). Regularly purchased, official CDs, of course. The second CD of a 2 CDs set is always not identified and appears as unknown in my library. If I let Roon identify it, then the correct album appears in the offers. But if I accept this, then the CD2 is converted into a copy of CD1. Alternate tries: If I merge the two CDs (the correctly tagged CD1 and the unknown CD2), Roon says there is some tracks double. If I accept merging, half of the music is lost.
How can I proceed, and why the heck is this not a straight-forward process? CD2 has metadata on it just as CD1. Double CDs are not that exotic, no?

Have you made any edits to this content in Roon?

Is this content from local files, TIDAL, or Qobuz?

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As has been pointed out elsewhere in the forum, CD ripping apps, such as dBpoweramp are at the mercy of the metadata sources that they use, and that box-sets in particular have poor metadata, often varying between the CDs in a set. The strategy I use, which has helped me, is as follows:

  • ensure that the metadata is consistent between the CDs in a set (e.g. they all have the same box-set title, and CD numbers are correct).
  • in your Storage location, have a root folder for the box-set (I usually give it the name of the box-set), and under it have a folder for each CD in the set, named simply CD1, CD2, CD3, etc.

This is following the advice of this Roon Help aricle:

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thanks Geoff!
Got ist now. Still, I have ripped some 10 double CDs meanwhile, and every time had to go through this rather tedious procedure. Looks like Roon never recognizes metadata on the second CD, in every box set.


While merging: did you use the function „organise discs“?
I was just wondering because I ripped dozens of disc-sets with sometimes even more than two discs and never had any problems like this.


No, my problem was I did not know the „unknown“ tracks in the right column need to be pushed downwards, using the arrows, until they are located in the right position next to the respective metadata line. Only then save the result. Once CD2 is fully identified, I merge the two CDs. Hope that is how it should be done. If there is an easier way, let me know pls.

I find it more effective to rip a multidisc album separately on my computer (using XLD for Mac), then making sure file tags are appropriate (using an app like Mp2tag or Metadatics, drawing metadata from Discogs or Musicbrainz, sometimes also consulting AllMusic), and then finally importing into Roon. It’s more work upfront but it often reduces the difficulties Roon may have in identifying the discs correctly.

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Here‘s how it do it:

I rip CD1, which is usually identified by Roon. Then I rip CD2 which is always unidentified. Anyway: I select both CDs go on „edit“, then on „merge“. Then I select „organise discs“ and after that I click on „finish“ (or whatever it‘s called, I‘m writing this from memory). Done.
I did this with double-CDs and even Boxsets.

Hope I could help.


This is from a similar thread that I thought might be relevant for future imports.

I shut down Roon BEFORE I add the music to a Roon watched folder.
A fairly common practice for many here is to import your fresh rips or downloads to a non watched folder.
Make any metadata edits you might wish to do.
Then shut Roon down and then copy them over to the watched folder.
Then restart Roon.
Yes it’s an extra step but usually pretty bullet proof.

May or may not help for these multi CD sets but it’s just a practice I now follow after a few too many metadata issues discovered during import.

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