Identifying abums contining duplicate tracks

I’m trying to find a way of searching for albums containing duplicate tracks. I used focus to look for ‘duplicates’, but that only seems to show up duplicate albums. There were only two and I’ve corrected the files. My issue is that some albums in the watched folder contain duplicate tracks in the same album folder. At the moment I’m finding them randomly as I peruse the collection, but if I could get Roon to identify them then I can go directly to the files and correct them. Am I missing something obvious?

Hi Paul, just curious…can you post a shot of such a duplicate? Just wonder how these originate and what they look like.

For example, if you ran an export from Sooloos and had two copies of the same album, Sooloos export would save them as Track x and Track x(1) etc.

You are actually asking about duplicate tracks in the same folder I think. Some albums actually have several versions of the same song on the same album. These may be confused as dups when they are not.

If you ask Roon for duplicate tracks it may mark a dup in both a regular album release and a “best of” as being dup.

Hence, why I was more curious about where they come from.

@ncpl They are errors in the music files in the watched folder, resulting from various automated processes including, but not limited to, issues with Sooloos export and combined with automated file path correcting in Bliss on Vortexbox (the Sooloos export destination and home of the watched folder) I think. They are distinguished in the actual folders by the track title having, say, ‘1’ appended when a second identical version has been added. When I’m looking through the album in Roon, they are there with one marked as a duplicate. So some have a full set of duplicate tracks and others may just have a couple. I’m just looking for a way of finding all the albums that this has happened to. It doesn’t matter if there are some false positives as it were, because I will be checking all the reported ones manually. I just can’t see a way of asking for the info from Roon, as duplicates only returned two duplicate albums, which I corrected at source. I just wondered if I’m missing some obvious search method in Roon. I know there’s a hide duplicates option, but I want to correct the faults, not hide them.

OK…understood. I’ve a few of the appended (1), -1 type files too.

Looks like it could be added to the Track view Focus/Inspector options in the same way it is with albums.

I’ll raise it.

OK…here is a solution for you

  1. Go to Track browser

  2. Select ALL

  3. Hit +

  4. Export to XL

  5. View in XL and sort by “Is Dup?”

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@ncpl If I had a clue what XL was, I would do that :grinning: . I will have to do a bit of research. Thanks though.

Microsoft Excel…spreadsheet. Or any similar spreadsheet app.

Hi Paul,

Focus/Inspector/Non-contiguous Tracks will show albums where the Track numbering isn’t correct. That can include duplicated tracka if they retain their original track numbers.

Edit: the filter is Contiguous, so just toggle the + to - for non-Contiguous.


@andybob That was a good call. Took me straight to 47 albums that have problems. Thanks.

Half an hour’s work and all corrected :grinning:

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