Identifying album updates the "date added" [Solved]

I have been fixing a mess of my own doing: I am building a new machine and I got my library messed up. I find the “date added” to be useful in looking at the library, and to get that reasonably close to reality I have been using the metadata preference, “prefer file modification date” or “file creation”. Very handy, I applaud it!

But some albums are unidentified, and when I go through identification, Roon assigns today as the date added. That’s not right. Date added should be when it was imported into the library, or whatever I have set it to according to that preference. Identification is just metadata management, not the same as adding.

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I tend to agree with this distinction too. esp when we might have to wait for Rovi to catch up with entries or a user to fix up the wrong ID’s. These are both different to date a user added.

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If the added dates are being updated, something has gone wrong–we do not deliberately change those dates as part of applying metadata results.

@brian Yep, just verified it.

  1. I have an unidentified album that I added a few days ago.
  2. I edited it and set the metadata preference to File Modification Date, the Added date became 2013.
  3. I identified it, and the Added date became today, 10/15.
  4. I set the preference back to File Modified and it became 2013 again.

Ah, I know what’s happening. We “revert edits” internally when applying identification results, because otherwise newly applied fields could be hidden by past edits, which we decided was potentially confusing.

That revert operation should only apply to data that’s being populated as a result of identification, and not to other stuff. This is straightforward to fix.

Thanks, @brian. I thought it was something like that.