Identifying albums can be a PIA and sometimes impossible

Identifying albums, especially with box sets, can be virtually impossible, particularly when there can be over 30 tracks in a number of those in a largish set,

Dragging down each track, at most 3 spaces at a time, on this PC is a real PIA. Moving 6 spaces up/down at a time is possible on the iPad but, for some unknown reason, all can sometimes disappear before the job is finished so editing via the iPad is too unreliable.

So it there any way this identification process can be improved?

And I would like to think that when one of us does succeed in identifying the albums in a set, the next person does not have to repeat the exercise. Is there any feedback like this possible with Roon?



I have to second this. I’ve been using the trial for a week now and initially I just fell head over heels for the software. So thinking I would bite the bullet and purchase I started digging into cleaning up the library from Roon’s initial scrape. That has quickly become a huge chore as I’m slowly realizing how frustrating and difficult it is to really do this.

As many others have pointed out the way it deals with box sets is massively undercooked. But more than that the general source of metadata just seems to be seriously lacking. There’s a surprising amount of content that I simply can’t find and it’s really starting to make me rethink if I’ll continue. There are so many things to love about this software and I do think it’s the most promising development in digital music management created thus far, but there’s also a lot of gloss on the surface that seems to lose its lustre once you start working under the hood.

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Stick with it. I can sympathise, have been lobbying this whenever it pops up. But dont let it put you off the overall package :slight_smile:

Agree, the situation, although frustrating and VERY annoying is part and parcel of the general problems with Classical fare. Hopefully ROON will come up with an answer before not too long.

But the shift down with the arrows is impossible in some cases so if faced with “Track 1”, Track 2" etc In then edit each track. This does not give the nice links that are a highlight with Roon but at least the tracks are identified on playing.

In general terms ROON is pretty good and often does actually fill in track etc detail with what dbPoweramp misses. However I’m careful to fill in artist and album data correctly before ripping. Of course it is possible to edit in track data before the rip but I generally take the risk that ROON does identify where dbPoweramp has not.

However, as we are complaining, this fails with some sets with ROON as it insists each and every disc is CD1, even after CD1 has been correctly identified. I’m no programmer but would have thought it not too difficult to set up the system where one one or more CDs in the set have been correctly identified, identification is sought in the other CD slots for that set.

That would make the process a lot easier as one could logically go through the set, identifying CD1, then once completed, ROON would see CD1 in place so correctly place CD2 etc etc.

Hi John,

yeah the box set and I’ding thing is pretty horrible, lol.

i am getting more Zen about it now. Perfection in this regard just ain’t gonna happen within roon, at least not for a while. I see the whole roon thing far more organically now. It’s a cure for OCD in some respects.

I can’t do without Roon, but there is the odd album and set which remain frustratingly sidelined.