"Identifying" Box Sets

I have a lot of box sets, like the Jethro Tull Wilson Remixes. I can rip them and segregate the discs but I cannot “identify” them so as to see the commentary/hyperlinks. It’s generally not there.

Does anyone have a workaround for this?


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The matter is a bit different from album to album but the Jethro Tull boxes for example seem to be fully included in roon´s set of metadata. It is helpful to

  • rip all the discs
  • tag them including every disc no. as given in discogs or roon´s metadata (usually DVD or blu-ray comes last)
  • activate ´edit album´ > ´identify album´ in roon´s album view
  • select the box set variant among versions (it depends from album to album which one is that with vinyl rip i.e. non-metadata variants usually being last)

example Jethro Tull’s Songs from the wood´, Steven Wilson deluxe box:

In this case it is the 4th variant out of 7 being filed under CD release by Rhino released in 2017. If discs or tracks are not numbered the way roon expects it you might have to renumber them.

Thanks, I appreciate the response. The thing is, I don’t want the non-high res cd tracks, which are generally replicated on the dads. Do I have to just bite the bullet on this?

If you tag the hires files as they are included on the DVD or blu-ray and renumber the disc to the specific number then it should be recognized as solely this disc. In case of the ´songs from the wood´ it is disc no. 4 and 5. If you do not have the CDs (discs 1, 2 and 3), roon does not care.

In most of cases the tracks are even distinguished by their version such as ´Steven Wilson Remix´ or in my case ´quad mix´ appendix. But that is very much depending on the quality of metadata and might vary from case to case. With Jethro Tull deluxe editions I found the data to be pretty sufficient yet oddly numbered.

I’ve been struggling a bit figuring out box sets as well, most recently ‘Stevie Nicks Complete Studio Albums & Rarities’ (10 disc set). I wish there was a way to see each individual album within the set associated with the normal versions in Roon, instead of just being lumped under the box set itself (seeing it both ways is ideal). When lumped under the box set, I just see the disc number that I made ‘Primary’ (in this case Disc 9). I can’t jump to other discs (as it only shows Disc 9), but I can see the individual albums if I scroll down after I did a ‘Group All’ to combine all the discs. It’s confusing. I did label each disc with the album name after number (which might be a no-no in Roon), but that way I can tell which album is which when looking at the screen. Doing what was suggested above about ‘edit album’ > ‘identify album’ didn’t help in this case. Below are a few screenshots with how I set it up now after doing a ‘Group All’ (if this is the best way to handle):

Box sets are a nightmare … AND needs fixing

Rock maybe not so bad as classical

Basic Rule is if the box contains “verifiable previous releases” then it can be split and the individual CD’s ID in Roon. Any Bonus Tracks will make the original CD not identical to the split CD so Roon may struggle to ID it as a release on it’s own

The metadata source is either AllMusic or MusicBrainz, so check if the Box , and/or the split albums exists in either source , if it does Roon can ID.

In general splitting boxes leads to grief as many CD’s (especially if sourced from 40 min vinyl LP’s for re-release) have been packed with extra tracks eg Deluxe albums etc so they don’t match the original release .

In classical box sets the individual tracks may have been re-released several times so again are difficult for Roon to Match. In general for Classical Box Sets the best advice is to leave them as a Box that Roon can ID then use the Focus / Filter tools to navigate . The metadata and linkages are preserved this way

There are other threads that deal with Best Practice on the forum