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Nagra, Bel Canto, Stenheim, Zellaton

Identifying what “set” is playing.

Hi…thanks for reading. I searched a (Christmas) song earlier in the day. The system played the three versions of the song in my database and then went on to play an excellent selection all afternoon. I did not choose a genre, artist, etc., and my Tidal is disabled at present. I want to determine what the play criteria are for the mix that has been playing this afternoon so I can return to this place. Can you assist? Thanks.

On the queue screen, bottom right, Roon will tell you what the radio function is based on (playing music similar to… for instance). See this KB article. If you’ve done nothing explicitly, it will be based on the last track you added.

If you want to remember what was played and save it in a playlist, then you can do that. See this KB article.

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