Identifying High Res tracks

How can I quickly see what recordings are High Res. Are they listed as a category?

Use Focus:

You can exclude or include at will.

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Also ensure you have the Show Album format turned on in Customise album display in Roons general settings this will then show the sample rate and format.


I turn on all of those as evidently, so do you. Why not?

As René said above.
And once you’ve focused on all sample rates you’re interested you can bookmark the selection.
So you’ll always have all your hi-res updated at hand with 2 clicks.

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Not sure what mean by “focus” on all sample rates. For instance: In the Qobuz Catalogue itself, every Hi-Res recording is indicated by an icon in the lower right of the album or track. I don’t see anything like that in the Qobuz/Roon display. What am I missing?

Read all the posts above.

My Bad…I see the indications of Hi-Res by going to the Roon/Qobuz link!

Or go to the Focus as was shown a few posts up.

Then you can bookmark the selection you made and display the hires albums with two clicks

Focus is one of the most helpful tools in Roon generally

And bookmarks:


Click on “FOCUS” and choose the resolutions you want to see.

Focus is off only use if it’s in your library already if you’re searching for non library or via the Qobuz section then ensure you enable the labels as I posted further up.

Another way is to pick the music one wants to listen to and then choose from the available resolutions

By clicking Versions.

Here’s what shows when I go to my albums/focus

Scroll to the right. Also note that you have the :purple_heart: enabled (next to Focus) which limits the selection to hearted albums. You probably don’t want that because you have only 1 album hearted

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And keep scrolling across…

It’s on the last screen to the right.
As someone else said, unselect the :purple_heart: as to see your whole library.

And, click on the resolution(s) you want to see. This is not that hard.

Thanks Folks…Finally Got There!