"Identifying" might mess it up?

I have an unidentified album that i have painstakingly readjusted (lots of merging, re numbering, creating two disks, etc) . It looks pretty good:

All Works and Parts id’ed and in order.

When i have ROON Identify, I get the below. A recognized Album, with no cover art and no apparent identification of Works and Parts. I don’t want to waste the last 45min i spent fixing this album by identifying and then loosing all the Works/Parts. Can you advise what would happen if i were to ID given what is showing up in ROON as "identified?"

And related - If an Album or Work is not identified, when you select Focus from Compositions, will these unidentified works be included when selecting a Period or Form?

I can’t really say what will happen - my guess is that you probably won’t loose any track level edits but I’m not sure.

What you could do:

  1. Create a current database backup
  2. Afterwards, try Identification and
  3. if things went the wrong way restore from the latest backup. Your edits should come back.

If you edited in Roon and re-identify then you will lose your edits as that state is not saved. If you go back and “unidentify” an album again then it will revert back to the original file tags. If you did your work in the original file’s tags then you should be fine.

Personally, I edit the Work/Part for my operas because they are never shown in the correct format for me and leave them “unidentified”. When “Identified” they are always messed up and not like how I want to view Operas, which is very basically

Act /Scene
----Individual Track

@Rugby - thanks. I edited in Roon - changing track numbers, merging albums that were originally divided into Works years ago for better management. I am happy to lose these Roon initiated edits IF the id’ed Album will be accurate and robust. This is where it it gets odd. Generally when Roon ID’s the Album you get accurate division of Work and Movement and Album Art. For this Album, it is in Roon’s “database” but there is no indication of division between Work and Movement, that there are two disks and there is no Album Art. See pic above- track 5 begins a new Work, but there is no indication that the Id’ed Album will recognize it.

So am inclined to leave Unidentified until an Roonie can tell me what will happen, with full confidence.

And thus my second question: If an Album or Work is not identified, when you select Focus from Compositions, will these unidentified works be included when selecting a Period or Form?

I am grateful to you and active Roon members that participate in the forum and can help on queries like these. Hopefully Roon will also notice and participate as well as address issues that can be improved in future releases. …that brings to mind introducing a Composer and Label field in the Identification process. The fields of Artist and Album are just too vague for identifying Classical Albums easily!

Hi @hshrader,

As Rugby mentioned, since these edits were made in Roon, those edits would be lost upon doing the identification process.

This data would need to be available locally and showing for these compositions in order for that to work. This data is typically added when identified and it’s coming from our metadata providers.

I also looked into the metadata available for this album. Our metadata provider has an entry for this album (which is why it can be identified), but there is very little data about the album itself. There is no track data, which is why you’re seeing the warnings on the tracks when trying to identify the album.