Identifying Roon metadata updates to my database

How can I find out what metadata Roon has added/deleted/changed in my database? Can I do it through a DOS Windows 10 command (i.e. files modified on a certain date)? Or is there a better utility? Or is there no way to know? I know data updates come from a few sources. Just wondering if way to know extent to daily / weekly updates.

p.s. tried to find in community site but no luck

Thanks in advance

The metadata Roon applies to your files is not physically associated with those files. Roon identifies and does analysis but does not actually change your files at all.

Henry: yes, aware of the separation of files and metadata. One of the great aspects of Roon.

My question solely regards the Roon database stored on my NUC. When new Roon-supplied metadata is applied to my database (assume this happens on a continuous basis), what is the best way for me to see what has been updated? A DOS DIR command, a third-party utility, something provided within Roon, etc.?

I am assuming that the Roon database is stored within the extensive file folder structure within their “Database” folder. Correct me if wrong.

Thanks, Dave