Identifying unidentified albums in my Roon database

I highly enjoy curating my selection of albums, mixes and tracks with Roon (running Rock on a NUCi5 with the database & music stored on a Synology 1517+) and I‘m still impressed by the way it helps me to „stumble“ across unearthed pieces in my collection of music I haven‘t been listening to for ages or never had the time to appreciate at the time of buying/collecting it.

However, I‘m looking for a more structured approach to identify the large number of unidentified albums in my collection, which I occasionally find to be either duplications and were not correctly identified by Roon because of missing metadata or because the tracks and albums were not correctly named before I imported them into the Roon database.

Is such a feature already implemented (which I might have overlooked) or would it be possible to add the respective category („unidentified“) as an additional criterion under „Focus“ - similar to „corrupt“ tracks?

Maybe this would also be of help to others.

Easy to accomplish

First select the identified albums using Focus Inspector

Now click on Identified again, to reverse the criteri. The field becomes pink (sort of)

So in my case I (still) have 204 unidentidied albums


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Thank you, the second click was what I was missing :slight_smile:

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