Ideon Audio Ayazi MC2 DAC not recognized

After using Roon with my Mac Air as the core for some time, I purchased a Roon Nucleus. It does not recognize my Ayazi DAC, whereas the Mac Air did. Any suggestions?

Thanks for posting in Community, @Mark_Grattan. I’m happy to help!

I’m assuming that you used a USB cable to connect the DAC to the Nucleus - did you try both USB ports in the back of the Nucleus, as well as try a different USB cable to see if that helps?

Could you please also try rebooting your devices (Core, router, endpoints) by unplugging them for a few minutes and seeing if the DAC shows in Roon?

If at this point, it’s still not showing, can you try connecting a different endpoint to the Nucleus USB ports and see if that shows in Roon?


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