iDevices not working properly as Roon Remotes [Solved - Firewall]

I replaced the Acer Switch Alpha Windows 10 2-in-1 that I had been using as my Roon Core with an identical Acer. I reset it from a backup and removed all firewalls and virus protection. The iPad 2 and iPhone 8 I use as remotes connected initially but then after closing the Roon Remote app, they fail to connect again. I close the app and retry but nothing. Turning off the I-devices enables the Remote app to reconnect to the Core, but that is a real pain in the ass to do every time I want to use Roon in any room. The network is Xfinity high speed and I use their wireless router to connect to the Acer via the 5 network. The iPad and iPhone are on the same network option. I’m unaware of any settings that might be different than when I used the identical set up last week with the previous Acer. And I don’t use the laptop for anything other than Roon with Tidal and to play a few dozen locally stored FLACs. Please let me know if there are any known, related issues.

Hello @Jeremy_Schmitz,

Just to verify here, you have added Roon as an exception to your Windows Firewall settings as per these instructions? I am wondering if a Windows Update changed those settings without your knowledge as it did for other users, please look over that thread.

I would also make sure that your Wireless router is not part of the list of routers that need special settings applied to it. Please let me know if that helps.


Thanks, noris. The firewall had reset its settings after after laptop restart after clearing out all the garbage apps that come preloaded these days. Thanks, I’m all set again.

Glad to hear that this issue was fixed with the firewall settings @Jeremy_Schmitz! I wish you a great day!


I think my New Year’s resolution will have to be to get a lifetime sub for Roon. Good stuff thanks.

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