IDrive is a great backup solution for your music and other files

Until @danny decides what to do or not with his roon backup approach, iDrive (link above) is $6.95/year/5TB (first year) and even more, upgradable to 10TB for $9.95/year (first year). Combined with one free iDrive Express/year sound’s like a very good offer, roon or not.

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That price is only for those who already have a competing service.

I’ve seen B2 name showing up a few times in the original topic, so I thought it might be of interest to some…

Oh it is of interest, I just wanted to let people know that there are conditions on the advertised price.

If you’ve got a “.edu” email address, iDrive is 50% off - and not just 1st year. I’m just now checking out iDrive now so don’t take this as an endorsement, but seems like a good deal…

Cloud backup for educational institutes, students - 50% OFF (

What caught my eye was their once-a-year free iExpress service where they send you a harddisk to copy all your files to and then mail it back to iDrive for them to upload to your account. I used it and it worked perfectly although total round trip is a couple weeks or so.