If a CCU is linked and casting to a particular zone

…then can I suggest it remain casting to that zone when/if it is grouped with other zones? I wouldn’t think a re-set would be necessary.

Just askin’

Eh? Can you expand on that.

Sure, my terseticity failed me.

My bedroom zone has the CCU linked and SHOWING DISPLAY. I group said zone with Den. DISPLAY drops and has to be reset. Don’t think it should. 1st world problem; nit.

I have no answers to offer - just more evidence of my nosiness.
CCU is chromecast? (just making sure)
Do chromecasts still have to be grouped using Google Home?

I’ apologize. Yes CCU is Chromecast Ultra. No, I haven’t used Home since I originally set it up. In fact, I don’t think my CCU belongs to a zone at all. But geographically, its in my bedroom.

And finally, whenever a grouping is made or unmade, the Display Now seems to be toggled off. I think it should remain on until the user changes it.

How would it work if 2 CCU each with their own different displays going were then grouped?

I imagine they would continue to broadcast to their respective TVs with the same Roon output.

Yes, but which Roon output takes precedence. One CCU is playing Journey and One is Playing Mozart, if you link them, which stream should win?

Mozart clearly :smirk:

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Well, my request dealt with the simple case one only one CCU. In that case, I believe it should continue to broadcast until turned off.

With two or more, Like @phil_wright, I believe the CCU should shift to Mozart as well as all music streams on the basis of better and more senior music. Or, we could have a music FISA court to handle such disputes.

But that’s me.

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