If a visitor who comes (... slow search)

If a visitor who comes to listen to my setup asks for something to play and I look it up, I am embarrassed when I have to answer the question “how much did you pay for that app”

I think a visitor asking questions like that should be more embarrassed than you would be to answer. Ask them what they paid for their shoes!

The text is to emphasize how slow the system has become :slightly_frowning_face:

How slow what system has become?

Search can be embarrassingly slow. Investigations are continuing to find out why and fix it.

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Roon search function

I hadn’t noticed any slowness with the Roon search function. I’m also impressed at how andybob worked out that fernand was referring to the search feature from the above post!

Maybe because the problems with slow search are plastered all over this forum :smiley:

My search is also slow since 1.6, and it is frustratingly slow at times. That slow I give up.

Slow is not the word. Even USB Audio Pro on my phone works quicker with Tidal and Qobuz than Roon does and is almost instant as is Audivarna. Not quite sure what they have done to make it so bad. But they are working on it as a priority as Mike posted in the official thread for it, so hopefully normal service will be resumed soon.

Okay, looking forward to the solution and will try to remember myself not to mention it again and again :slightly_smiling_face:


I can also confirm that Roon search has become extremely slow since 1.6. The improvements on search speed mentioned in the last release have barely changed anything.
It is very frustrating and it is hard to understand why something that worked quite fine has become so ridiculously slow… Hope they will fix this quickly. I am already considering moving to another product since the function is simply unusable today.

If it were not be the case that I have a very good streamer but that is Roon dependent, I was already gone. Can you actually transfer (sell) your lifetime to someone else. Just kidding, it won’t get that far

I use Roon with a dCS Network Bridge. dCS launched their own Streaming SW MOSAIC a few days ago, they also integrated Qobuz. That offers a nice way to compare response time and search results in the same network environment. My first impression from a short test yesterday, looking for “Jaques Loussier”:

dCS MOSAIC search 2-3 seconds, finds about 100 CDs
Roon search more than 30 seconds, finds 25 CDs

Please don´t misunderstand me, I love Roon. But we seem to have a problem with 1.6

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Yep I get similar results using Bluesound app compared to Roon.