If i change roon core to another PC, are all roon endpoint which will disconnect?

i​ gonna move​ roon​ core​ from​ laptop​ a​ to​ laptop​ b, but​ now​ i​ have​ roon​ endpoint​ with​ Rooncore​ on​ laptop​ a
if​ i​ change​ Rooncore​ to​ laptop​ B​
all​ roon​endpoint​ will​ disconnect​ or​ am​ i​ need​ to​ reconnect​ It​ again​ on​ laptop​ B?

thk​ you

Please make a full new backup of your Roon Database just before moving.

During (or just afteer) new installation od Roon on laptop B, do a full restore. Your endpoints’ configuration should be there.
If you on the other hand, want to rebuild your Database (re-import your music), you will also have to reconfigure your endpoints.

Hope this helps


Hi​ Dirk_De_Taey

i​ have​ some​ endpoint​ which​ uncertified​ but​ roon​ still​ play​ this​ device​ untill It​ disconnect​
i​ worry about​ some​ uncertified​ device​ cannot​ connect

I cannot help with that, out of my league, but you are quite right to be worried about that.

If you follow Roon’s migration steps (including database backup/restore), I believe your uncertified endpoints will work on laptop B. Just keep Laptop A around for a while just in case. You do not have to disable/delete those zones on Laptop A to use them on Laptop B.

thank, i​ ll​ try​

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