If I edit my iTunes Library

is that reflected in the Room Software? I’m a NEWBIE so, for instance if I find a duplicated track or tracks and I decide to delete or even change the artwork etc in iTunes is that reflected in the Roon database?

Welcome to Roon. I can not speak for iTunes, I don’t believe it is supported much at all.

That said, if you have managed music (Tidal/Qobuz/Local files) and decide to remove/change/add details it will be picked up. It runs “periodically” I’m sure that is defined somewhere but I’m impatient so.
I find rescanning my library helps.
Settings →
Storage →
Select my path →
Force rescan.

Thanks Paul. I have literally just downloaded trial and it is scanning now but I still have quite a lot of work to do on my iTunes library, duplicate tracks etc. I’ll just keep trying and testing.

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I can speak for Music app which replaced iTunes.

If you delete a track – meaning, the file is “physically” trashed – then Roon detects automatically the file deletion and updated its database

Playlists, on the other hand, in Music aren’t reflected in real time anymore. In order to get in Roon the changes made in Music you need to manually export your .xml library.

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Thank you Marco. I will test it out.

If your watched folder in roon is the iTunes main folder that contains the file “iTunes Library.itl”, then additions and deletions in iTunes - including addition or deletion of playlists - are automatically picked up by roon. Changes in artwork embedded in files are also picked up. Not sure about artwork that is just associated with albums/tracks for iTunes purposes.

Thanks Jack. You’ve all been very helpful

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