If not the Allo USBridge then what?

(Gerald Richardson) #21

I bought the Allo Sparky/USBridge on 12/1/2017 and it has worked just fine running DietPi since then.

(bevan court) #22

Since buying a Schitt Modi 3 DAC, I tried the Allo again. Works faultlessly with this, so it was obviously an issue with the USB implementation I had with the PS Audio Sprout 100 and either the old kernel in the Sparky or the Allo HAT.

(Greg Getzoff) #23

I’m interested if you still have the bridge for sale.



(bevan court) #24

Hi Greg

I may be looking to move my Allo on soon.


(Greg Getzoff) #25

Okay, let me know.



(bevan court) #26

Where are you based? I’m in the US and it had the 110v per supply.

I was thinking that I’d sell for about $120.

(Steve Mato) #27

Has anyone compared their working USBridge output to that of a RPi 4 using the USB3 output?
Comparable? Any Audible difference?

(Stefan) #28

… any findings in that regard would interest me as well


If not the Allo USBridge then what?

The upcoming Allo USBridge Signature… will be RPi based, the CM3 board according to this public thread discussion:


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(Mikael Ollars) #30

Why would the USB3.0 port perform any differently than the USB2.0?
I dont think there any DACs/specifications that require or benefit from USB3.0 specs. i might very well be wrong though! :slight_smile:

(Magnus) #31

First I hear of USBridge Signature, although I guess it was to be expected. I wonder if it will sound better than toslink to my RME ADI-2 DAC. Do you have any more information about it?


More info is scattered throughout that thread I linked above.

(Darko.Audio & Twittering Machines contributor) #33


I think the USB bus on the RPi4 is better than on the RPi 3 - not shared with other things like ethernet. Stress think - can anyone confirm? If so then it should theoretically sound better


(Mikael Ollars) #34

Absolutely Phil! My curiosity was rather why one would want to employ the USB3.0 ports on the Pi4 rather than the USB2.0 :thinking:
The Pi4 has got two USB2.0 and two USB3.0 available, so i was eager to find out if there was a sonic difference between the two port sets, or any other differences fior that matter.
Like i wrote, i am not aware of any USB Audio device which takes advantage of USB3.0 availability, but would like to know! :slight_smile: