If you follow the Roon community website for a day, you will never buy a Roon :)

If you follow the Roon community website for a day. You will never buy a Roon :slight_smile:


Depends on the day :rofl:


hahahahah… Indeed… The last two days was challenging indeed…

Challenging, yes, but the Roon Labs team rose to the challenge. Actually, the experience has given me more confidence in them, rather than the opposite.


True. Although I didn’t experience the issues some had with the recent Rock / Nucleus updates, I closely followed most of the relevant threads on this forum. And on this occasion I was very, very impressed with the manner and speed of the Roon team’s response in terms of fault finding, developing a fix, working with affected customers for testing, and general communication. Hats :tophat: :womans_hat: off.


If you only looked at support forums you would never buy anything again!


I guess from the OP’s perspective that the vast majority of us are supposed to post every day on the forum that we are having no issues. I haven’t had a single issue in at least 18 months.


Agreed… The team did a splendid job…

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Apart from the Upgrade issue, I too had no glitches whatsoever…

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Not me, I just went Lifetime, as I know I can work through all the issues, I am a long time JRiver user, so I still have a backup to play all my music and I also have Qobuz, so I’m never out of the water, I chose Roon because of the discovery and inforormation that Roon’s team brings to the table,plus the fantastic integration between my own music and Qobuz, and because I wanted a light simple server to run my music from that I can leave up 24x7, and NUC really fits that bill well.

I am feeling that new Roon users try and use all the new features too quickly and get burred in the idiosyncrasies. Just install the full Control/Core/Output on one machine, and import a small amount of music, connect to Tidal and/or Qobuz and play with it a while before trying out new things. I read a big thread about Shuffle play of the Q, so just like anything new, just take the time to learn how Roon does it and go with that, if you don’t like it, request a change and then move on to having more fun. But if you read about things in the knowlege base, you wont have to argue about it so much.


It’s always good to have backup systems, and use them from time to time. Roon is only one of my music playback programs. Audirvana, and Bryston MPD being the others I use frequently. JRMC is good too, but is more work to get things organized.

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haha, that’s for sure, JRMC can do about anything, but you have to learn all the details under the covers, I’ve done a ton of customization and it works great, sounds great. I can stream it from anywhere in the world and control it remotely. But I also like Roon, and the more I learn about Roon and how to control it I’m loving it, but that’s the trick, go read the KB and play with things then just use them and enjoy.

One feature that I really like about Roon is I can wake up, pickup my phone, goto Roon, select an album, hit play and it connects to my Roon Ready stereo, wakes it up and starts playing and by the time I get down the hallway to my bonus room, I’ve got the volume all adjusted and playing like I like it.


Hi guys,

Roon is not perfect, nor the staff, but I never regret to bought a nucleus+ and a lifetime subscription. I learned a lot in the forum from sophisticated members. Some people here must invest a lot of time to figure out all the details and dig very deep into problems and challenges. Yeah some sarcasm and heated discussion can happen too, but hey - being passionate is good even when it hurts sometimes :crazy_face:.

Only my two cents.



Indeed… I agree… :slight_smile:

I got home late this afternoon after being gone a week. I was somewhat concerned if my Nucleus was going to have a problem or not. It runs 24/7. When I cranked up my Dell laptop Roon control it said Roon has an update for the Nucleus. So, I clicked on it and after a few minutes of downloading, all is good running 227 with no issues.

Thanks Roon. I’m just sorry some users had to struggle with this update.

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I guess, you downloaded the version which had the fix already in place… or you are not one of the affected user… :slight_smile:

Either way welcome back… :slight_smile:

This forum, like the evening news, magnifies the woes of the world, and makes Roon seem far more buggy than it is.


Roon installed 227 which never had a problem.

hahahahahhahaah… True… :slight_smile: