If you follow the Roon community website for a day, you will never buy a Roon :)

For me, I’ve experienced zero bugs in the last 8 1/2 months. However, my use case is pretty simple. Pull up an album from Tidal or Qobuz and listen to it. Sometimes read the critics summary and the bio. Once in a while look at the credits. Not much to go wrong.

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I have the same use case too… :slight_smile:

Some people have a very low tolerance for problems/inconveniences. They might be scared away.
But a lot of people are drawn to opportunities and can look past the snags that can occur along the way.
Personality-wise, the latter are much more interesting to me, and of course, typically lead happier lives.

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The irony here is this is precisely the group of people the Nucleus product was designed for.


Yep, no disagreement there!

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Other than the recent needle in a haystack upgrade issue, I think a great deal of issues are created by the user themselves through unnecessarily complex network setups with multiple switches, or old/under spec’d NAS devices running Roon or some cobbled together PI or whatever the little PC de jour is, etc etc etc. Why would you need 4 switches in your home and if you can afford $120/yr for Roon you can afford a NUC over a cobbled together mini-computer or an under spec’d NAS.
Jeep it simple - router to NUC (or Nucleus) vie a decent ethernet cable…and call it done.

I didn’t take it that way. The people who purchase Nucleus are looking for a simple trouble free solution. The computer gurus and network nerds would probably go the NUC route.


I agree… I too brought the N+ for this very reason…

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I’ve had the opposite reaction. I’m absolutely not what one would call tech-savvy, but after spending some time here and on the Knowledge Base I felt comfortable building a fanless NUC for ROCK and making the necessary bios/codec updates. It isn’t intuitive for a novice, but with enough patience and desire the answers are all here to be found - and in the rare instance they’re not, the support from Roon staff and fellow users is astoundingly competent and positive.

The trial period hasn’t ended for me, but I’m seriously considering a life membership once it does.

Or, you can pay for a one year membership. If you upgrade to lifetime within 30 days, you get credit for the annual payment. This gives you another 30 days to decide if you want to spend $700. This way, your risk is only $120.

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I want for life… Let me see if I can do it…

I have a lifetime Roon–very happy with it. I do TIDAL and am very satisfied. I get Masters and that is the highest quality material I have tried (tried most all). My only wish, and this one is on TIDAL, I wish I could sort by “Masters” and “Genre”. I have told them this. Perhaps we can get some support here for this feature.

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I moved to Lifetime too… :slight_smile:


Give a man the Roon community for a day, and he’ll never buy Roon.
Teach a man about MQA, the nuances of high quality cables, NUC vs Nucleus, and he’ll argue in the Roon community for years…


Exactly is what i do … hahahahhahaha… spot on… :slight_smile:

Roon has transformed this space for many, including me. Great for library access, multi platform and devices. Downside is, Roon is still like a startup from a quality of solution vs capabilities perspective. Ie we ask for more capabilities and thus less testing etc,. Code released with many issues. Result is week by week challenges on one platform to the next. However, also many more gold lettering error notification which keeps me on my toes.

I try not to read the support pages else I might give up on a good solution or spend all my time on cables instead :slight_smile:

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There have been some kinks, but running Roon every day–many times all day–with 99.8% of the time problem free, I will never regret buying a lifetime license.


Having been at my dealer yesterday and having to use the Naim app to play everything I am suprised anyone would buy Naim kit. It was a horrible experience. You think Roon is bad on Android!!! Funny I don’t remember it being this bad when I have used it at home, it was a laggy mess at the dealers. Seconds to pause/play anything, lfunny enough it was like this at another dealer last week so not just their network.